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Matt Brown

Filmmaker. Editor. Motion Graphics and VFX artist. These are all titles which describe M.Brown, an  artist who thinks outside of the box and has a deep passion for creativity and critical thinking. Brown’s talent for cinema blossomed at an early age. At 17, he wrote and directed his first short, which was screened at numerous Baltimore county and city festivals, landed him the prestigious Art Institute of Philadelphia Full Scholarship
Award. While attending The Art Institute, Brown received numerous awards, including the WYBE's "Through The Lens" Best Young Director Award and the broadcast of his project "Tale of Two Brothers" on Philadelphia, Maryland and Washington DC PBS stations. Since graduating from the Art Institute, Brown has held positions in a number of creative spaces including the PBS affiliated company Cerebellum Corporation editing "Standard Deviants;" EFX Media as a editor/compositor, then Creative Director working with clients such as Exxon Mobil, AOL Time Warner and the Red Cross; Brown also landed a video directing job at IdeaWork Studios, Inc. creating work for UFCGYM and Hard Rock San Diego. His most seasoned position with Bloomberg BNA is about creating commercials and promo video for the latest software and analytics tools. Brown founded BROWNMEDIUS in 2003. A production company devoted to art of abstract stories, his first project was "Truly Oreo," a project he wrote and directed. The film noir chronicled the conflicted life of a troubled intellect and found audiences in Baltimore, DC, New Jersey, Michigan and California at numerous festivals. Other past projects include “Freedom” and “Gangsta Mime.” The former is Freedom is a docupoem honoring the spirit and legacy of the Haitian Revolution, exploring the complexity and awe inspiring story of the First Black Republic. The latter is a B/W silent short in the Keaton-Chaplin tradition, set contemporarily to socially comment on and reflect urban life. In addition, Brown is working on a documentary entitled “RayCurt, the soul of a violinist” a project that looks into the life a prolific street performer in Washington DC.

In addition, Brown has also worked on music videos for the likes of Mack 10 (with Lil Wayne) and Silivea Johnson. His keen interest in social commentary led him to work with Straight No Chaser, a community-minded filmmaking ensemble with a film called “A Weigh With Words” Brown’s skills and insight are sought after; he has been tapped to serve on numerous festival panels including the Heritage Film Festival. From his incredible eye behind the camera, to his adeptness in the editing room and even to his uncanny natural talent in front of the camera, this multi-faceted artist is blazing a trail in the film world. 


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